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Dustin Brenton • Wendy McClellan • Anya McConnell • David Maurer • Jenny Ronimous


David Maurer

Being a resident of Johnson County for almost 60 years, I have found myself engaged in the Johnson County Community all my adult life, in so many ways, and at so many depths.  Many focused intentions include the following areas of my life:  

  • Education - Franklin College (Class of '84) 

  • Family - Married to Jennifer in May of '86, always living in and raising our children in White River Township... now enjoying being "POPPY" to our four grandchildren 

  • Worship - the majority of my engagement in church and worship, existed here in the county... Presently at Hopewell Presbyterian Church

  • Career - serving in the Senior Insurance Market for almost 30 years and for the last 12 years, working with a consultant type relationship mindset, with many organizations, non-profits, and businesses.

  • Community - over the years I have been a part of and have served various boards, committees, social/community type groups, and networking circles... engaging the community at large, for the good of all within our particular communities

  • Consulting with a focus on fund-raising and marketing... believing and sharing my personal "3E's" Mantra as I work with others: Encourage, Empower and Enable 

Dustin Brenton

Dustin Brenton has spent most of his life in Johnson County, having grown up in Greenwood and now residing in Franklin. As the President and Creative Director of Brenton Creative, he collaborates with numerous businesses both locally in Johnson County and across the United States. Dustin remains deeply connected to his community through various avenues: he attends Victory Christian Church, serves on the board with the Creative Council of Franklin, and is an active member of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce. Since the inception of UpLift, Dustin has been involved, notably in designing the organization's logo based on a sketch by Executive Director Wendy McClellan.

Wendy McClellan

Bio coming soon.

Anya McConnell

Bio coming soon.

Jenny Ronimous

Bio coming soon.

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